Roof Insulation Service

Adamas Jaya offers roof insulation services to homeowners in Klang Valley.

Roof Insulation Klang Valley

Adamas Jaya is a reputable roofing contractor offering installation of roofing insulation in Klang Valley. We have been a roofing contractor for over a 14 years.

When we install your roof insulation, we bring with us our knowledge and experience. Our customer satisfaction has always been our priority since our foundation.

For Klang Valley homeowners looking for roofing insulation, there are two primary questions: which insulation product to use AND which insulation contractor to hire.

Adamas Jaya uses CoolMax double sided bubble foil which combines great thermal performance and better acoustic insulation.

Roof Insulation Service Klang Valley

Our Promise

  • Free Inspection and site visit

  • No hidden cost

  • Adhering to Malaysian standards

  • Workmanship Quality Guaranteed

  • Clean and efficient

  • 14 Years of experience and knowledge

Roof Insulation Advantages

  • Improves indoor air quality

  • Keeps house cooler

  • Saves electricity and money

  • Green and good for the environment

  • Dampens and reduces exterior noises

  • Increased house value

Roof Insulation Illustration

We’re here to help. Talk to a Roofing Contractor. Call us today.

Our roofing contractor will provide a detailed roof inspection and determine if your roof can be repaired or has to be replaced.