Re-Roofing / New Roof

Adamas Jaya is proud to be one of the premier reroofing contractors in Malaysia.

Over the years we have retiled and replaced hundreds of roofs throughout Malaysia.

Reroofing Services

We are the preferred roofing contractor for many home and business owners. We are experts in the installation of roofs of all types, on both residential and commercial buildings.

Since 2006, Adamas Jaya has been the trusted name in roofing services around Klang Valley.

Reroofing Benefits

Your roof is your greatest asset and the first line of defense against the elements.

When your roof begins showing signs of wear, it is best to get it repaired or replaced entirely, so that you can keep your family safe and ensure the value of your home.

Why Choose Us

If you are looking for a affordable, safe, and quality roofing solution, Adamas Jaya is the roofing contractor that can address all your needs.

Choosing our company for your roof installation, repair, or maintenance is an investment you can make with confidence.

Quality Guaranteed

We’re dedicated to providing quality workmanship and high quality materials.

That is why we assign experienced project managers to oversee every job from start to finish.

We provide 1 year workmanship warranty against roof leaks.

Adamas Jaya Roofing Difference

  • Unmatched labor warranty in the industry

  • Expert product knowledge to help you choose the right solution for your property

  • Workers with over 14 years experience in the roofing industry

  • Experience with all types of roofing systems
  • No moving out needed during re-roofing/ roof replacement

Should I Replace my Roof ?

Many roofing contractors will answer “yes” to this question. Their goal is to sell you a new roof, whether you need one or not.

We aim for a different approach – working closely with our clients to provide the best possible solutions based on their needs.

The first step to determining whether or not a roof requires replacement is to have our re-roofing contractor come out and inspect the property.

If the roof needs replacement, we’ll tell you. But sometimes a partial replacement or a more extensive repair is needed to bring the roof back up to standard.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Terracotta Roof Tiles
  • Concrete Roof Tiles
  • Laminated Bituminous Shingles
  • Clay Roof Tiles
  • Berlian Shingles
  • Asbestos
  • Metal Roof
  1. Inspection of existing roof.
  2. Dismantle existing roof and timber battens.
  3. Lay quality double sided aluminum foil.
  4. Install new batten gauge as per roof tile manufacturer guidelines.
  5. Lift new roof tiles by crane and unload old roof tiles.
  6. Arrange and install new roof tiles
  7. Cut roof tiles and accessories.
  8. Install metal party wall capping between neighbors. ( if any )
  9. Completed new roof, quality inspection and finalization.
If you are going to live in your home for a long time or considering selling, then a new roof is a great investment.

Benefits of a new roof :

  • Added value to your home
  • Improved thermal insulation
  • Years of maintenance free worries
  • Increased sale chances when selling your property
  • Reduced risk of injury or damage caused by falling debris

We’re here to help. Talk to a Roofing Contractor. Call us today.

Our roofing contractor will provide a detailed roof inspection and determine if your roof can be repaired or has to be replaced.